Wyndham Turtle Bay Resort

Getting There

The British Virgin Islands, known as the BVI, are located in the northern part of the Caribbean, easily reached from Europe, North America, and South America . The islands of the BVI are grouped around Sir Francis Drake Channel, renowned as the most beautiful and tranquil of sailing waters in the world. As part of the Leeward Islands, the BVI is comprised of more than fifty islands and covers an area of 60 square miles (150 square kilometres). Turtle Bay Resort is on the north-eastern section of Tortola, capital island of the British Virgin Islands. Tortola is the main island in BVI and the main point of entry.

Guests traveling to the BVI are required to pay customs and a tax of USD20 per person, upon departure from the BVI. A valid passport is required for entry into the BVI and visa restrictions may apply for non-U.S. or non-European Union citizens. Please note, for weekend or holiday charters, customs cost may increase slightly.

British Virgin Islands entry requirements

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